Covid-19 Precautionary Measures

The safety of our guests and team members is our number one concern. The impacts of COVID-19 have been widespread and we have adjusted and enhanced our operating policies accordingly. It remains our mission to ensure our properties are safe spaces for families and friends to reunite on the other side of this global pandemic.
Because the situation is continuing to unfold, our response is constantly evolving. We continue to collaborate with local, regional, and national governments to adopt policy changes and abide by current regulations in each location where we operate. Premium Experiences is also upholding guidelines implemented by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention and the World Health Organization (WHO) while continuing to follow public health updates.
In order to meet and exceed health and hygiene standards and protect the safety of our guests and employees, we have committed to the following protocols and sanitization practices in our lodges around the world:

What we are doing

The remote nature and private experiences enjoyed at our properties give Premium Experiences a unique advantage when it comes to physical distancing. Because the number of guests and employees at any given property is small, we are easily able to support distancing standards.
In compliance with physical distancing guidelines, we are asking that guests and employees remain at least six feet apart wherever possible. Implementing this type of physical distancing strategy is one of the most effective methods of prevention and one we have implemented holistically across our operations.
In order to provide adequate hygienic materials to our guests and staff, we have made hand sanitizer available at all entrances to each property. Infrared thermometers are available at check-in to conduct temperature checks of our guests and/or employees upon request. Masks are also available upon request, subject to availability. Based on current medical advice, we recommend regular hand washing as a better alternative to wearing gloves.
At all of our chalets, we use cleaning products which meet EPA guidelines and are approved for use by the CDC.  In addition to meticulously cleaning of our proeprties to the highest standard, we have increased the frequency of common area cleaning procedures throughout each property to maintain an extremely high level of cleanliness. Our wonderful housekeeping teams have always been the unsung heroes of our operation and with enhanced training to meet our rigorous sanitization standards, they carry on in that role.  For your comfort and confidence, please note that:
  • Our linens are laundered at high temperatures
  • All surfaces are cleaned using recommended bleach and/or alcohol-based cleaners
  • TV remotes, faucets, light switches, door handles, appliance handles etc. are disinfected with Clorox wipes and/or spray by our home services team, during check-in inspection prior to your arrival.
  • We have left disinfectant wipes and sanitizer pumps in the home for use during your stay
  • Provision of sanitary masks and gloves for our guests and employees upon request
  • If the property that you have rented includes a communal pool or hot tub area, please be aware that these may be inaccessible to you within provincial guidelines of social distancing.

Guidelines for customers

  • Wash hands properly and regularly;
  • Before and after eating or drinking
  • After going to the toilet, nose-blowing, sneezing or coughing
  • After cleaning procedures, handling waste and waste bins
  • After handling contaminated (dirty) items
  • Whenever hands become visibly dirty
  • If in contact with a sick person, especially those with respiratory symptoms you should self isolate and get tested for Covid19
  • Cover mouth when coughing and sneezing:
  • Cover nose and mouth with disposable tissues – if you don’t have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your arm or sleeve (not hand)
  • Place used tissues into a sealed bin – wash your hands
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean

Health and Wellbeing

As we begin to welcome guests back into our properties, we are respectfully asking that all guests and employees report COVID-19 symptoms to staff. If those experiencing symptoms require medical attention, a Premium Experiences staff member will alert local medical professionals as soon as possible. In the event a guest or employee is diagnosed with COVID-19, we will alert all visitors who have been to the same home within a 14-day window prior to that individuals stay or shift. In accordance with Premium Experiences employment policies, any employee that is not feeling well has been instructed to self-isolate at home and will not have in-person interactions with guests.
We are confident that in taking these steps, we have successfully mitigated the risk at our properties to the best of our ability. The remote and private nature of Whistler Blackcomb offers an escape from the outside world. We are excited to welcome you to one of our chalets and show you around the beautiful resort and surrounding mountainscapes that we call home. Thank you for your support and please do not hesitate to reach out to our Reservations Team with any additional questions you may have.




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