Regardless of your level of experience, the 5 hour “Cougar” or 7 hour “Mountain Goat” Snowbike tours are an awesome way to explore our unique Heli-access Ice Cap terrain. Strong, fit individuals with relevant experience are an asset to get the most out of this day trip.

Your guide will provide all the instruction you need to master this revolutionary snowsport technology called the snowbike.

This experience is fully customized to your group’s skill level, from beginner to expert and whenever possible, we provide ample opportunity to ride our state-of-the-art snowmobiles as well.

Explore the inner magic of the Ice Caves during the fully customized Mountain Goat Snowbike tour to your group’s abilities from beginner to expert. Whenever possible, we dine in the comfort of 15,000 year old ice caves.

While you may be in remote terrain, rest assured that our professional guides are the most experienced pioneers in the mountain sledding industry with over 25 years experience in the Whistler corridor. We are particularly skilled at coaching riders of all abilities to enhance their skills in all conditions.

These tours are designed with high guide to guest ratios which means personalized service every step of the way.