Break with Tradition!

Come swing a saber and experience the thrill as blade hits bottle and the bubbles flow.

Join us in the exquisite Bearfoot Bistro’s underground wine cellar and learn about a tradition that dates back to the Napoloenic era, when cleanly sabering the top off a bottle of Champagne meant good luck in the battle to come.

Surrounded by over 20,000 bottles of the world’s best vintages, pick your favourite bubbly and create your own luck, saber in hand. Then raise a toast with your dining companions and enjoy the fruits of your adventure. We package your cork in a custom presentation box for you to take home and impress your friends with your swashbuckling skill.

We recommend this as part of a 4-5 course dining experience at the Bearfoot Bistro, prepared by one of Canada’s top Chefs, Melissa Craig.