Our Green Statement   

Tourism is the world’s largest and fastest growing industry; and one that has a huge impact on the world we live in. At Premium Experiences we believe that we have a responsibility and opportunity to involve not only our team but also our guests; in the common goal of sustainable practices that conserve natural resources and reduce environmental impact.

We continue to engage in environmentally sustainable business practices and proactively seek new ways to green our operations; to maintain the quality of the Whistler experience and by maximizing the benefits that tourism can bring to any destination.

Green Policies

Disposals of waste
Through responsible purchasing and innovative waste solutions- we work diligently to minimize our waste stream and conserve natural resources.

Our guests are provided with recycling containers for plastic, paper, glass and garbage and encouraged toreduce, re-use and recycle in each home. Chalet Catering We source local suppliers and organic produce whenever possible from local farms and stores within Whistler and Pemberton.

Green Housekeeping
All cleaning products used by our cleaners and in homes for use of our guests are eco-friendly.

Supporting Local Environmental Programs
Our team promotes involvement with the Resort Municipality of Whistler, the Whistler Blackcomb Green Power Statement, and Idle Free campaign to have a positive impact on our environment.

Sustainable Employment with in the Local Community
From our Chalet Hosts to Private Chefs and Drivers, we source local suppliers and employees whenever possible.

Inside Our Properties

  • Light bulbs are replaced with low-energy alternatives where possible.
  • We reduce heating thermostats to ensure they are not set too high, rather than opening windows to cool rooms.
  • We minimize sending waste to landfills by recycling glass, plastic, aluminum cans, compost, cardboard and all paper products by using the bins we provide to our clients.
  • We conserve water by using plugs and minimize water wastage by reporting any dripping taps to the owners & property managers immediately.

Outside Our Properties

  • Sprinklers are managed to avoid water waste and have a one hour per week timer in the summer months when required.
  • Buckets and squeegee are used to wash windows.
  • Mulch on gardens to soil cool and moist after winter months.
  • Control erosion and discourage weed growth.
  • Use native and local climate-appropriate plants.
  • All driveways are swept and not hosed.
  • Hoses only with trigger operated nozzles.


A Green Office = A Happy Office
All of our employees are actively encouraged to adopt environmentally friendly practices and share a commitment to protecting the environment for future generations.

  • We re-use scrap paper for notes, printing internal memos and notices.
  • Email Correspondence is used in initial correspondence to avoid paper use.
  • All non-essential electrical equipment including computers, printers, screens, speakers, photocopiers, together with all lights and air conditioning units; are switched off at the end of each working day.
  • Recycled products are purchased where practical, including ink cartridges, paper products, biros, notepads, to name just a few.
  • Biking to work is encouraged when weather permits.